ABC 23 News Update 1 12/11/12
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Police say David Consiglio and at  least one other person were inside his Bloomfield apartment last night when two men armed with hand guns stormed in.  Police say they are not sure what all happened but say eventually one of them fired shooting Consiglio in the stomach.... 

State Police in Clearfield are investigating an assault in Osceola Mills.  Troopers say two men wearing black ski masks entered this home along Pruner Street Sunday night around 10:30.  Investigators say they hit the homeowner with aluminum bats several times in the head, neck and arm....

A fire that left three people without a place to stay started back up this morning.  Firefighters were first called to the house along Beauty Line Drive in Adams Township Sunday night.  We are told the fire started in the kitchen and spread to the living rooms.  Firefighters thought they had it all under control but it rekindled causing even more damage.