Valley View Nursing Home

The possible sale of a Blair County nursing home and adjacent soccer fields drew a large crowd today at the Commissioners meeting.  We were at the meeting where young and old sounded off about how selling the Valley View Nursing Home and property would affect them.  Meet the Bowzer sisters they are fighting hard to keep their soccer posts standing.  The sisters grew up playing on the same team and the thought of losing their soccer fields brought tears to their eyes.  They were not the only youngsters trying to save the fields.  High school students gave speeches about saving the nursing home and giving others the opportunity to play on the fields they once did.  But please to protect the nursing home took center stage.  Those speaking to save the home say they hope the care remains top notch even if it is sold.  These Santa hats were worn by the supporters of the nursing home.  Commissioners say they will take what they heard into consideration and make a decision that they feel is best for the community.