ABC 23 News Update 1 2/14/13
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Seventy eight employees of Lockheed Martin are leaving the Greater Johnstown area.  The company announcing today it is closing its Global Supply Operation in Richland Township.  This has no effect on the hundreds of people who work in the main plant a company spokesperson says this is a cost cutting measure that will lead to a 1.6 million dollar yearly savings.... 

The State House voted today to pass a bill to keep the money from the NCAA fines against Penn State in Pennsylvania.  Penn State has already paid twelve of sixty million dollars of the fine but the NCAA agreed not to hand that money out until a related lawsuit is settled....

The Johnstown Redevelopment Authority says plans are moving along for a new frack water treatment plant in Cambria City.  The Chairman tells us the plan is to transform sections of the Old Bethlehem Steel Plant and use the railways that extend throughout Pennsylvania to transport Marcellus Shale waste water in and back out once it has been treated.