ABC 23 News Update 2 8/6/13
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More on a brutal beating death we followed over the weekend.  Police have charged the victim's son who they say has admitted to striking his father with a hammer and stabbing him.  Family and friends returned to John Kuzmas home in Moxham Monday just 3 days after Police found him brutally murdered inside.  Outside a makeshift memorial continues to grow.  Police pressed charges against his alleged killer, his own son Jonathan Kuzma Junior....

More details now on a deadly crash in suburban Johnstown Sunday.  Investigators say a couple was just blocks away from home when the car they were traveling in hit a tree.  Jamie Petrick was killed his wife who was driving survived and was rushed to Memorial Medical Center.  We went to where the crash happened and found the tree.  You can see it's not badly damaged.  Police say they are just not sure what caused the accident....

The new artificial turf has been installed at State College's Memorial Field.  It's part of the renovation project for the facility.  Work is also progressing on the bleacher construction on the west end of the stadium.