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Three people are in jail tonight after the police say a three year investigation led them to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of heroin in a Richland Township apartment.  The Cambria County Authorities are calling it one of the biggest heroin busts ever.  The police say they have been investigating James Hendricks for about three years.  They say he is the king pin of the group.  They say he was moving quickly and frequently until just a few months ago and then on Thursday the investigators say their case came to a head when Hendricks sold one hundred and fifty stamp bags of heroin to an undercover officer giving them the evidence they say  that they needed to search his apartment.  The police say they found two hundred and fifty thousand worth of heroin ready to sell along with five thousand in cash and everything that is needed to package the drugs.  The police ay they estimate Hendricks was distributing one hundred thousand worth of heroin every month.