Ray Gricar Search
A few months ago, letters were sent by a Centre County resident whose is jailed in a State prison and is claiming he met someone behind bars who has information on what happened to Ray Gricar.  It said that Gricar ran a corrupt District Attorney's office and was in debt to the Hells Angels for a large sum of money.  A key piece of information to the case is in regard to a former Hells Angel who the Police arrested after he beat a man with a baseball bat in a road rage incident near Port Matilda.  Court records show the man was sentenced to four to eight years in prison and was upset.  The records also point to his Hells Angels past and a lengthy criminal record.  The letters claim another inmate has knowledge of all this and is willing to talk and can even lead the Police to where Gricar's body was dumped after he was murdered somewhere in Central Pennsylvania.  The story did draw the attention of the FBI who apparently took the man out to where he thought Gricar's body was buried and they found nothing.  The Police on Friday are saying they are always willing to follow new leads in the Gricar mystery but this one so far has simply been prison inmates making unsubstantiated claims.