ABC 23 News Update 3 10/18/13
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A man charged with the death of a man he robbed pleaded guilty Thursday in Cambria County Court.  It was almost two years ago that Keenan Snyder broke into an apartment on McMillen Street in Johnstown when the man inside had a heart attack.  Homicide charges were filed against him at the time but he pleaded guilty Thursday to lesser charges,  He will be sentenced next month....

A Clearfield County man will spend five to ten years in prison for robbing a convenience store.  Investigators say Jason McGonigal and another man went to the Puff Cigarette Outlet in Philipsburg last December and threatened a clerk with a knife and took off with more than 800 dollars worth of cash and cigarettes.  Investigators say the men robbed the store to get money to fuel their drug addictions.... 

The Greater Johnstown School District celebrated their lights on after school program Thursday.  It's a National initiative the district has been a part of for fourteen years keeping the lights on after school to ensure under-privileged students or those with working parents have a place to stay, food to eat and caring people to be around.