ABC 23 News Update 1 1/7/14
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Most people know how to stay warm but with temperatures this cold hear are a few things you may not know.  Limiting skin exposure and time spent outside is extremely important.  With it as cold as it is frost bite can occur in less than 30 minutes.  If your water lines are frozen, defrost them using a hair dryer.  Never use a torch.  And if your using an electric or kerosene space heater you want to make sure to keep it at least a few feet away from furniture....

Members of the Animal Welfare Council are helping pets stay warm, those that must be outside when it gets cold.  They are building insulated dog houses and giving them away free of charge.  So far about a dozen have been given away but more are being made and will continue to be made throughout the year....

If you depend on Waste Management for trash collection the company has cancelled for today.  If your normal pick up day is today it will be tomorrow.  Now this cancellation does not apply to all local municipalities so be sure to check with your provider....

State Police in Huntingdon County make several arrests in a nearly four year old burglary case.  Police say 21 year old Kie Brown, 21 year old Corey Fleegal, 20 year old Dustin Everhart and an unidentified man who was a juvenile at the time broke into several businesses back in 2010.  Police say the men caused more than 31 hundred dollars worth of damage at the Standing Stone Golf Course in Oneida Township and took nearly 22 hundred dollars worth of cash, alcohol and cigarettes.  DNA and confessions lead to the arrest.