KKK Letters
There are two men in Cambria County that say they have been threatened by letters allegedly signed by the Ku Klux Klan. They say the letters were delivered through the mail over the weekend and warn that they are being watched. This is the letter sent to two Reade Township residents over the weekend. It is signed by the KKK and warns both men that they are being watched and will be taken care of if they do not stop harassing certain people in the community. It is not the first threat that Rob March and Jim Thompson say they have received. For the past year they have been vocal and critical about the leadership in the town. The men say they have made it their mission to uncover that they call wrongdoing by local Supervisors who they say are getting mad. Thompson is a member of the Reade Township Municipal Authority himself and says he does not like what is going on behind the backs of the people he represents. That is why, until recently, he and March have spent much of their time digging up hundreds of documents. They say they do not know where the threats are coming from but the State Police confirmed they are investigating.