ABC 23 News Update 2 4/1/14
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The campus at Pitt Johnstown was back to normal on Monday after several students contracted a "norovirus" this weekend. That is a bug that affects the stomach. The University Officials suspended all social events and dining services on Saturday and Sunday. The Custodians spent the weekend cleaning the buildings. The students were given boxed meals since the dining halls were closed. It is part of a road improvement project many people in a Johnstown community were opposed to but on Monday the first tree came down along Goucher Street. These trees coming down near Menoher Boulevard are part of the Goucher Street improvement project that started earlier this month. Around fifty trees are expect to be removed.... Rear visibility camera technology may be standard in all new vehicles under 10 thousand pounds in the next few years. The Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration presented its final ruling on the "backup camera" feature yesterday. They want all vehicles under 10 thousand pounds to feature rear visibility technology by May 2018.... For one local family this ruling is personal. In October 2011 2 year old Autumn Danchanko was run over by a pick up truck in her family's driveway. Since then Autumn's parents joined others who have experienced similar tragedies lobbying in Washington to see these new regulations put into place. The government says children under 5 account to nearly 31 percent of backover deaths each year and adults 70 or over 26 percent.