ABC 23 News Update 2 4/8/14
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More than 20 years in hiding a man admitted to sexually abusing a boy was arrested in Somerset County. The crimes happened in New Jersey all the way back in 1989. This is a picture of James Barclay when he was arrested in Boswell, Somerset County. This past weekend authorities in New Jersey say Barclay admitted to his crimes pleading guilty to charges of aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of of a child. He was supposed to be sentenced in 1991 but never showed up to court. For the past 22 years Barclay has been on the run, his whereabouts unknown until last week when authorities from New Jersey tracked Barclay to Boswell and kept an eye on him for several days working out of rental cars even wearing special camouflage suits before they arrested him in this truck pull off along Route 30.... Police say a Centre County man accused of two violent robberies was finally caught after a three month search. Investigators filed charges against Eric Brown after they say he peppered sprayed the clerk then ripped the cash register off the counter at the Centre Mart in Bellefonte last August. He is also the suspect of a robbery at the Sunoco in Snow Shoe accused of pulling out a gun and demanding money. Officials say finger prints from the scene came back as Browns' and after a lengthy search Police received a tip he was in Texas. He was extradited back to Centre County.... Three new laws hit the books this week to help prevent child abuse in Pennsylvania. Governor Tom Corbett signed the bills Monday morning in his office. The main bill provides millions of dollars in grants to the states 21 child advocacy centers including the cost of birth certificate copies. It will now cost you 20 dollars. Officials say it will raise 4 million dollars a year.