ABC 23 News Update 3 7/7/14
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The Red Cross is helping two families after a bad blaze in the city of Altoona. The overnight fire swept through part of Logan Hills Apartment Complex and left two families with small children to find a new home. The Altoona Fire Department says the call came in around midnight after flames broke out inside a room of one of the apartments. We caught up with one neighbor who says she is grateful the Fire Department was able to prevent the fire from spreading. Fire Crews say no one was hurt and the Red Cross is helping one family with a place to stay while the other is still looking for somewhere to go.... Fire crews in Cambria County able to contain a fire that started in a garage. This is what it looked like on the 2000 Block of Menoher Boulevard in Westmont Borough. County Dispatch says the car inside the garage sparked the flames. No one was hurt. Firefighters were able to contain the fire to just the garage so there was very little damages done.... Police in Dubois led on a high speed chase thru city streets in the middle of the day on the 4th of July. Officers say a Chevy Cavelier almost hit a car head on. When Police tried to stop them they say the driver sped up the wrong way on East Scribner Avenue. After driving thru a yard at about 70 miles per hour Police say the driver took off but was eventually found. He was wanted for multiple arrest warrants.... State Police looking for a woman that jumped out af a car on Interstate 80 in Jefferson County. This is Susan Bachman. Her family says they were taking her to Clarion Psychiatric Hospital when she jumped out of the car near mile marker 77. She disappeared into the woods and so far Police have only found a cell phone and her wallet. A Mental Health Warrant is out for Bachman. She is wearing blue jeans and a blue flannel shirt.... July 4th a big weekend for DUI Patrols and State Police in Somerset made some of their own on Route 601 in Jenner Township. Out of about 70 cars stopped there were 2 DUI arrests, 14 speeding tickets and about 35 warnings. The purpose of the patrol is to remind drivers to not drink and drive.