Fraternity Death Update
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New information indicates Penn State student Timothy Piazza was still alive when police arrived to his fraternity hours nearly 12 hours after he fell on February 2nd there's a lot of questions going on in this investigation but in search warrants we have obtained police are looking to get information from his i-phone, that they're hoping to get information from for this ongoing investigation. A search warrant conducted by police say they responded to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at 10:49 February 3 finding Piazza inside alive but unconscious. Police say his pulse was slow, his breathing was labored and he did not respond to paramedics. Blood was also found on his face. Fraternity members told police he fell down the steps around 11 p.m. Thursday night, during a "IFC approved event." New court documents say the fraternity members told police he had "a little bit of everything" and that he got sick at some point in the evening. They said that they then found him lying on the basement floor where he was then brought upstairs. When paramedics arrived he was then transported to the Mount Nittany Medical Center by ambulance where he was flown by helicopter to Hershey Medical Center and he was observed as unconscious and staff advised the victims worst injury was that he was a brain bleed and he had blood alcohol concentration level in his system and he died at Hershey Medical Center on February 4. Now police told us last week they believe excessive alcohol consumption and hazing may have parts in his death and at last nights candlelight vigil, his father said let's be honest, we all know that this didn't have to happen. As soon as we get any new information on this ongoing investigation we'll keep you updated on ABC 23.