Sandusky Update
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More information on the arrest of Jeffrey Sandusky, one of Jerry Sandusky's adopted sons. Now involving child sex charges. We have more on how learning about Jerry Sandusky's case has educated more kids about the issue involved. You look at Jerry Sandusky's case, he was convicted on more than 40 charges, some of those same charges are involved in Jeff's allegations. "We recognize the irony of the last name and realize the impact that his father's case had on the community. We knew it would be surprising as we looked into it and realized it was a legitimate complaint and we had another case with the same last name." There are major differences? Jeff is charged with trying to have sex with one girl and trying to get nude photos from the other. The girls told others about the incidents. Since Jerry Sandusky's arrest more than 5,000 people in Centre County have undergone training on better recognizing possible child sex cases. "We're extremely lucky that the young ladies resisted the advances. It doesn't mean that it's not a serious crime but that it only went that far." Police say Jeff Sandusky said he was role playing with the teens and then later admitted he knew the text messages were wrong.