Sexual Assault Charges
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A bus driver in center county who police say sexually assaulted a girl with mental disabilities. 24-Year-old. Justin Jackson now faces several charges in the case awaiting his preliminary hearing. Meanwhile our Katie O'Toole went back through his bus routes and reached out to the company who hired him. We worked for P. A. T. H. Which stands for Pennsylvania Treatment and Healing but if you go to the website the number listed says it's out of service. P. A. Treatment and Healing's website says its program helps people find a better path but Justin Jackson faces a long list of charges including sexual assault and unlawful contact with a minor. The criminal complaint says he took the victim to the back of the bus where he assaulted her twice. The number listed for P. A. T. H. State College location is no longer in service and the website doesn't list the Centre County programs. The arrest affidavit says the program director told officers all drivers were instructed to drop the victim off at her home first. But that criminal complaint says Jackson waited and drove her home last. When the victim didn't come home on time, Shaw told police she texted him and told him to call her. He replied I'm sorry, I was driving and took a wrong exit. It put me 15 minutes out. I stopped and got some food along the way. I would call but I'm driving. Police say Jackson told the victim to say they stopped at Mcdonald's and that's why she was home late. But officers checked into that story and surveillance videos from all nearby locations confirm they did not go to Mcdonald's. According to the complaint, the victim says instead, Jackson pulled over and raped her. We also reached out to the p. A. T. H. Statewide office, a different number. They did not return our calls today.