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And for the second year in a row, Penn State is in the featured match against fellow powerhouse Oklahoma State. This is only the second time ever for the contest which pits the top-ranked teams in the Big Ten against the top-ranked teams from other conferences. Last season, the Nittany Lions beat OK state at Rec Hall. Sunday they'll face the Cowboys at their venue in another one versus two showdown. We have more on Penn States leader Kale Sanderson and the showdown in Stillwater. There's no question that Kale Sanderson has built a wrestling dynasty here at Penn State and has a lot to do with the talent of wrestlers they bring the in here and the fact that no team outmatches the focus of these Nittany Lions. For the last six years and five national championships later the Coach Sanderson has continued to make sure his team is focused on one thing. Dominating. "You have to be focused on you know, what's important. What you want. Right? And we want to be at our best. We want to wrestling with fire and passion and gratitude." It's not always easy for the athletes the understand how or why they maintain that consistency. "I don't know. It's pretty hard to do that. I mean -- you just got the stay relaxed I guess. And just -- that's it." "It's more so just being consistent with our training and consistent with our effort. So that's all we can control is our efforts. So." For the new faces on the successful team they know Sanderson has a lot to do with it. "As a coach you know he wins and I aspire to be like him. And I have full trust in what he's doing. That's why I'm here right now. As the Nittany Lions set their site on the repeat National Title they'll get a good look at what they have to beat to stay on top when they face evenly matched Oklahoma State the weekend in the Duel Championship Series. "It's not like you go to a duel and you have a few guys that have big time match-ups. All ten of our guys have great matches. It's going to be fun." The Big Ten Champions will look to earn a back-to-back duel series title against Oklahoma State on Sunday to finish out the regular season. Then it's on to the Big Ten Championships.