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We are getting a new look from inside Beta Theta Phi fraternity. The Night Timothy Piazza fell down the basement stairs and later died. It paints a very different picture than what we have been seeing. The latest information coming in the third search warrant in this case. From video inside the Beta Theta Phi Fraternity, after Piazza died after falling down basement steps. Video reveals an unconscious Piazza being carried by several people from the basement to a first floor couch. Then the next morning, about 9:00, police say cameras show Piazza unresponsive on the same couch surrounded by several people. It was shortly after then emergency responders were called to fraternity, even though it was 12 hours after the fall, the medics say it was obvious the 19-year-old Piazza was intoxicated. With a fraternity member telling police saying he drank quote "a little of everything" that night. He was initially diagnosed with a brain bleed and lacerations on his forehead. He died after being transported to the Hershey Medical Center. Police believe hazing was possibly involved and look at a possible criminal investigation as they look at the time line of his death. The fallout is having ripple effects thru out Greek Life at Penn State. The Interfraternity Council has confirmed former President Alex Frederick stepped down from his position along with several members of the executive board. In a statement, the IFC's Vice President of Communication says the Interfraternity Council Executive Officers of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity have stepped down from their positions on the Interfraternity Council Executive Board. It was the opinion of those officers that their credibility was compromised and would not be in the best interest of the Interfraternity Council to continue their term.