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Penn state baseball and softball teams appear to be on similar trajectories, both teams got new coaches in 2014, and had their best seasons in several years last year. We look at how they are working to build on the success. The Penn State baseball and softball teams were a game away from reaching their season goals last year and as we wait for the spring weather to hit Happy Valley, these two teams have hit the road to try to make more progress in the 2017 season. "The difference between being an average team and a great team, it's razor thin." How thin? "Well, the baseball team was a game away from a berth to the conference tournament while the from reaching the big ten championship last season. If everyone can give more head coach including, we're going to get better. Our goal is to focus on the process." "8 Teams in the Big 10 got to play more baseball than we did. There's a lot that needs to be done for us to be the program we want to be." Coach Cooper is building on the baseball culture, but changing up the softball philosophy. "We didn't do a good enough job playing for one another. We can shift the focus and be more about us, no matter what's happening, no matter who we're playing, then we feel that will be the step that gets us over the hump." Something her players find refreshing. "Doing the same thing a lot of the time with the same people. Now it's completely different. It's made it more fun to be there and give your energy to everyone else. " The softball team got started in Louisiana, coming away with one win. While the baseball team is waiting to get their season started against top ranked TCU.