Penn State Creamery
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Well it may seem like a strange time to talk about ice cream but with a basketball influence one famous stop in Centre County is asking what is your favorite flavor. "I was out the door in no time. They have great ice cream. By the way, there's a lot of free samples." This month it's flavor madness. It's barely 20 degrees out and there's still a line for ice cream. "Have a good day." "Pretty cool isn't it? Probably allow what ten inches of snow? We get the normal people that come in and have to have their ice cream fix." Along with the ice cream you can buy to take home they serve more than 750,000 cups and cones each year. Part of the attraction is their legendary flavors. Flavor Madness they call it. What's their favorite creamery flavor? Penn State isn't in the NCAA Tournament this year. We wanted to have what we call Sweet 16. We call it Flavor Madness. Bring more people from the community and the people that like the creamery online to see what we have online and to be able to order products online and to participate in a contest. There's four brackets with the creamery's top 16 favorites. They tell us no betting allowed but here's the early favorites. Vanilla and chocolate. However close is death by chocolate. People they like chocolate ice cream they have to have the death by chocolate. After all of it is tabulated they'll announce the king of the flavors on April 10th.