Spanier Trial to Start
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The potential Jurors and the Judge entered the courtroom for the first time. In the Graham Spanier trial we learned one key fact. That's that the prosecution confirmed they do indeed plan to send Tim Curley and Gary Schultz to the stand along with at least 12 other witnesses. Now Curley and Schultz were co defendants until last week they pleaded guilty on their own set of charges. That allows them to testify in this case. Another witness they will call to the stand is Mike Mcqueary, the former grad assistant at Penn State who said he witnessed Jerry Sandusky sexually assault a boy in a shower in 2001. That is what this whole case boils down to against Graham Spanier, how they decided to handle that case, internally. Spanier faces child endangerment felonies. Nearly 150 jurors said they would have a conflict of interest in the case due to their affiliation with Penn State University. It's unlikely we will have a jury selected by the end of Today. That means that the opening arguments and statements are likely going to be pushed to Tomorrow. Spanier also refiled a civil suit against Louis Freeh. He claims he made a series of incorrect and misleading statements about him. Spanier claims he was cleared in a separate investigation of the scandal.