State Police Barracks
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A State Police barrack is closing. Gov. Wolf says it's more of a consolidation. The future of the police barracks has been talked about for ages. Possibility of it closing or moving elsewhere. We asked the Governor if he planned to close any barracks. He said no. We've obtained a letter where he plans to close the Philipsburg barracks. The closing of the barracks confirmed in this letter from the Governor to Scott Conklin dated March 3rd. We asked if there were plans to close any barracks. "No not that I know of." He says it will be consolidated with another force with a new station being built. Hundreds of petitions against the closing or consolidation. "My initial thought is it's not a good thing for the borough or the whole area. Now if we have any problems here our facility will be able to get here within minutes. When you're dealing with children response time is very important." The Governor wants communities without protection to pay more for police coverage. They could be paying more while their closest police force is moving elsewhere. "I think realistically it doesn't work. The age that we live in is that we have a high level of poverty in some areas, pocketed. A lot of times those are the people who need the police services. And I think what happens is overall, you know, if a community has a cash flow to make those payments, great. But by taxing those people, we're already taxed. Look at gasoline, highest in the country." In the letter the Governor cites problems with the building and says troopers can do more work out of their cars. It's a budget-saving move though the state still owes money on the lease. The Governor's plans call for the new construction of barracks. That construction is set to begin this Spring.