Trout Season
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Spring Creek could reel in some new business. And fishing, with new developments raise some concerns. This is the new flood wall that is part of the Waterfront District. And Spring Creek is a popular fishing area. If you are standing on the grass, no fishing. But if you want to go out onto the water, you are good to go. "The brown trout population here is among the highest in the region. I have a good friend who writes about fishing in the area. And he asks where the best section of Spring Creek would be and he says it is the one without any other cars." If you want to go fishing, you have to wade into the creek. No standing on the sidewalk. "I do not understand the reasoning behind it. Walking or jogging I understand. But actually being in the water, the issue needs to be addressed." "People are fly fishing and casting hooks. We have pedestrians walking along that walk and avoiding accidents with people casting." "It is a hazard to be in the water. I can be in the water but I prefer not to be." "It is a good idea. Especially along the walkway, you could get 10 people. It was standing room only." They are still talking to developers and they hope to have more specific ideas within the next few months.