Colyer Lake
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For one of Centre County's top recreational areas the good news continues with work continuing on a popular spot for boating and fishing and other activities, not too long ago Colyer Lake was empty a dry bed. But for nearly a year now the water is back and there's work on nearby projects. "The red line that was just very faint -- is the hiking trail." Judge Thomas Kissler showing the route of a two and a half mile trail being built around a lake. Paid for by a private fundraising group, Save Colyer Lake. The trail expected to be completed by the first of may with another project on the way. "We also have inflatable kayak docks coming is that people can get in and out of their boats easily. If they've got small children, or they've got maybe a leg injury. Getting in and out of the boat can be difficult. This way they can get in and out of the boat on a dry plastic dock launch themselves, come back and get out on a dry plastic dock without all the difficulty. " As for fishing at Colyer right now it's strictly feeder fish. It's not been restocked but that too is in the works.