Healthcare Bill
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One doctor in Altoona says the new Healthcare Bill is not going to help patients save the most money in the long run but neither would Obamacare. Dr. Gates practices across the street from UPMC Altoona. Dr. Gates offers a different perspective. He says to make these changes within a system as it is like shuffling chairs on the Titanic. He operates Empower Three Center for Health in Altoona. It allows people to pay for visits and prescriptions with monthly payments. They leave insurance for catastrophic events. To explain that a bit simpler he compares it to people having to pay for car insurance on things like brakes, windshield wipers, things you know you need. They can leave the insurance for things like a car accident. It allows health care to be cheaper. If more people adopted a similar model it would be cheaper for everyone. He says the question isn't whether or not Obamacare or the GOP bill is better it's a matter of changing the health insurance model itself. "The whole system has to change. This is just a different version of Obamacare with changes. But it's still the same thing the system is built on. The whole thing has to change. This is taking Obamacare, making changes, and calling it something different." If the bill were to go on and pass through the Senate he says it would help him make health care a bit cheaper and easier with fewer restrictions.