Storm Damage
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It was a week ago when a Tornado tore through a small town. Almost a week later still cleaning up. A Tornado damaged 25 properties but the Forefathers Book Shop wasn't one of them. "The shop was completely untouched. Apparently it went right through my parking lot between the building with all the books in it and the grassy area at the other side of the parking lot where there's a white birch tree. It wasn't touched at all. It's amazing." The bookstore owner is a long time Penns Valley resident, weather like last week especially a tornado unheard of. "I don't ever recall anything like that. We always thought that in the valleys that we were pretty well protected by the mountains. This obviously came down the valley and started at the other end of town. If it went 120 miles an hour it would have been here for 30 seconds." Even after the storm last week many saying the same thing shocked how fast it went through town. This woman watched her barn collapse. "Then all of a sudden it hit my neighbor's trampoline I saw that fly up in air and my barn dropped within a matters of seconds." Insurance adjusters and contractors putting together cost estimates on the damage, along with talks if any financial assistance will be available.