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Eight more former Penn State members were in court Today arraigned on charges tied to the death of Timothy Piazza. Others were arraigned Friday. Prosecutors say he died as a result of a hazing ritual. at Beta Theta Pi. We are here in downtown at the courthouse where the arraignments just wrapped up. This is the latest in a set of arraignments involving the 18 members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Penn State University in connection with the death of Timothy Piazza. The eight in court today all facing misdemeanor counts. Last Friday, eight others were arraigned. They were facing felony counts including a lot more serious charges and Today's charges are involving furnishing alcohol tampering with evidence. Their defense attorneys had very little to say. The DA saying the evidence is very strong and they have text messages among the brothers the day Timothy Piazza fell down the steps at the fraternity house as what is described as a hazing ritual as he was forced to drink alcohol. She also talks about high quality videos on eight or nine cameras. At one point, Timothy Piazza stumbles headfirst into one of the cameras before he tumbles down the basement steps. "We are obviously a college town, and we are a university here, and we hear a lot of complaints about hazing. We have had a case before that was difficult to prove. In this case, it ended in death, so we were not going to leave any stone un turned until we knew the truth about Timothy Piazza. We learned and we brought the appropriate charges. This is not something we can tolerate in this community." All eight were told to turn over their passports, have no contact with any witnesses in the case, and that was important because the prosecutor says one of the ones being arraigned Today had already contacted one of the witnesses in an intimidating manner. Text messages were sent to him earlier this week. All 18 charged in this case are due back here in court next Wednesday for preliminary hearing.