Jerry Sandusky
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Jerry Sandusky's latest series of appeal hearings wrapped up this Afternoon at the Centre County Courts. He was convicted of more than 40 child six assault charges and now it is up to a judge to decide if he should get a new trial. For Jerry Sandusky another day in court trying to dismiss the evidence used against him five years ago. His attorney remains confident that these latest series of hearings will set the conviction aside and trigger a new trial. "It is not that he was falsely accused of a crime, he is falsely accused of a crime of the century. He had a high reputation, well- deserved in the community and in this. I am glad if he seemed like he was happy, Jerry is always tough on me." The boy originally denied that Sandusky abused him. His testimony changed as he took a deeper look inside of himself through repressed memory counseling. In fact it was a similar story for several victims. What they first told police was far different than their trial testimony where they said they were abused by Sandusky. His attorney putting an expert on Today who said repressed memory therapy is controversial. Signs does not support events can be planted in your mind. People can say one thing and say nothing happened to me and in six months or a year later this is what happened to me and they actually believe it. It is a phenomenon that we are getting more and more acquainted with. Too often innocent people get convicted. The attorney general's office discrediting the expert testimony on repressed memory and getting the doctor to admit that the findings are incorrect.