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We Have A Lot To Get To Tonight With Elections Underway Across The State Of Pennsylvania. Here In Centre County, There's A Lot Of Talk About The District Race. The Incumbent Is Facing A Tough Challenge. On The GOP Side, Votes Should Also Play A Role. Stacey Parks Miller, Incumbent Is Seeking A Third Term And Received Votes In The Last Couple Days. It's Around 107,000. Keep In Mind That 107 Includes All Parties Where Only Today The Democrat, Republican Registered Voters Are Entitled To Vote. Parks Miller Has A -- Miller Has A Sizable Number Of Followers. Both Are Urged To Write In Names. One Could Win The Republican Primary And The Other The Democrat Side. The Question Is How Many Write In Votes Will It Be And How Long Will It Take To Count Them. It Would Delay The Board Somewhat Coming In. As Far As A Final Tally On What The Write In Results Are, We'll Not Be Available Until After The Official Count Board When We Go Through And Tabulate And Do Our Official Count Process. Also In The Ballot In Centre County, Other Municipal And School Board Races Along With A Contest For Mayor In State College. Now The Race For Vacant District Judge Seat.For College, Ferguson, Half Moon And Patent Townships Involve Seven Candidates Listed On Both Party Ballot. That Was Vacated The First Time After Leslie Resigned And Vacated Again When Her A Month Later Also Stepped Down. The Heated Race For Blare County Sheriff Will Come To A Close In A Few Hours. The Former Sheriff Runs Against The Active Sheriff. The Blair County Commissioners Fired Mcclure Into An Investigation Of A Claim Of Sexual Harassment. He Said At The Time He Was Illegally Removed And Said It Was Politically Motivated. He Said He Was The Sheriff. Commissioners Called Him The Acting Sheriff Giving Him The Authority To Remove Him. They Did Last Month. Days Later, Governor Wolf Appointed Thomas Of Cumberland County As A Place Holder For The Seat. Holland Garner Filled The Seat In The Process. Mcclure Being Investigated He Said Would Not Affect His Campaign. He's Got 230 Years Of Law Enforcement Experience, Chief For Seven Years.