Trial Update
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Horrifying images shown in court Today in a hearing for the 18 Penn State Fraternity members charged in a death. He died following a pledge event in February. Prosecutors say it was a combination of hazing and alcohol abuse. Much of it caught on tape. The video is difficult to watch at times. The first time it was made public. It shows the 19-year-old, pledge after drinking a lot of alcohol at the Fraternity that night. Then unconscious after falling down steps and treated as one prosecutor said said by others like a rag doll before they waited 12 hours to call for help. Only person testifying Today, the lead investigator in the case. State College Police Detective. He said the first time he saw him was February 3rd at the Medical Center the day after the drinking event at the fraternity. He was on a gurney, unconscious in a neck brace with head injuries and other injuries to his body. In fact the hospital staff called his brother in and said you might want in to say good- bye. He died the following day at Hershey Medical Center. He then retraced the steps from the night before. February 2nd. He said that Timothy, one of 14 pledges called to the fraternity house as part of a pledge event where they ran what was called the gauntlet. Within One 1/2 hours his blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit. Then we see Timothy after he fell down steps, 15 steps. He was put on a couch. Several members tried to help him, pouring booze on him at times and throwing shoes at him. Several times he gets up and stumbled around but goes into walls or the stone floor. The doctors say it lead to deadly brain injuries. The videotape is astonishing. It is gruesome it is horrific. And that is what is different. The words on the page of the Grand Jury report which tells about these acts of throwing shoes at a young, throwing beer on him and punching him in his abdomen when he has a bleeding spleen. Those things are just words on a page until you see it on a videotape.