Retirement Suprise
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As students celebrated the last day of school today, one special employee is celebrating the last day of his career. Danny Gill has been with the district for 28 years. Staff and students made sure to say their good-bye in style. As students here at Park Forest Elementary School are set to go home for the summer Danny Gill is set to enjoy a hard earned retirement but the school wasn't about to let him leave without a special send off. Wednesday Morning started off with an end of the year assembly, the man of the hour, Mr. Gill on in his retirement rocking chair. He was then asked to come to the middle of the room and then the surprises party was on. Teachers and staff sang a song in his honor but the students had something for him as well, his favorite song. The Boot Scootin Boogie "I as the music teacher could not play the music ever because Danny is always lurking in the hallways so the kids never heard the music until Today." Mr. Gill becoming emotional says he didn't know he impacted so many lives. "I can't explain it. Just, just so proud of it, what they did." But students and teachers say it was easy to take notice of everything Mr. Gill did for the school. "He makes,if something breaks he would fix it." "He loves to be ,he loves to say no, I'm not doing it but then he always does it quickly and quietly. Staff says that he showed kids that everyone matters, now Mr. Gill just has one last message. "Thank you, I love you All"