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A man wanted in several local counties made an appearance in Centre County Court Today. Hunter Anderson was on the run for weeks after he was finally jailed after crashing a vehicle in the Blair County river. This is Hunter Anderson after a court appearance talking about being Centre County's Most Wanted. He's also wanted in several neighboring counties for skipping out on court dates. This was the scene on May 24th where police shut down a neighborhood and after several hours stormed a house where they thought he was inside, but he wasn't there. His Wednesday court date stems from a chase in mid-May where police say he took off at more than 80 miles an hour after being stopped and abandoned the truck he was driving on railroad tracks. Earlier this month he was caught after his vehicle went airborne and crashed into a river. Wednesday Anderson did receive a new job opportunity when his bail was reduced to 48 thousand dollars. Which means now he will be able to work in the kitchen at the Centre Co. Prison.