Death Threats
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Breaking news Tonight, we have confirmed reports of an anonymous phone call at Penn State threatening the former members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. We are joined live from the University with details. We just spoke to a defense attorney involved in the Beta Theta Pi investigation who says she got a call from State College Police to warn her about a very serious threat made against her client. Police told her the President's office got a call Yesterday afternoon from an anonymous caller saying if any of the defendants in the Beta Theta Pi case returned to the University they would be seriously harmed. We spoke to State College Police a few hours ago who refused to comment. And said it a Penn State Police matter then Penn State Police referred us to their online Police log which only listed an event at Old Main. We spoke to the University who says they too do not have comments since it's a Penn State Police matter. The defense attorney told us the whole story. "It's shocking and it can be frightening to a young college boy to get information that someone is threatening him for an incident that happened at the University." Police told her they didn't make the threat against anyone specifically so State College Police did have to warn the defense attorney's about the threat. The Penn State Police are taking this threat seriously because according to their police log this is still an ongoing investigation.