Administrator Sentencing
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An update on the three former Penn State administrators convicted with the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Even though they were sentenced in Dauphin County, talks are in are way for two to serve in Centre County. Spanier already filed an appeal for child endangerment conviction but for the two others plea deals included no appeal possibilities. Schultz and Curly could be doing their prison sentences which call for several months in jail in Centre County. "We are following the policy and procedures of the prison board that we have set in terms of receiving the individual from another correctional facility. We are going through the proper channels." Center County prison board discussed the proposal. As the judge stated, it would be a written authorization from the Warden at the facility. Schell is very much in the loop, very much looking into it. Chris Schell is the Centre County Prison Warden. Curley and Schultz are expected to begin their prison sentences next month,and could be eligible for work release programs.