Officer Tribute
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Each time a local law enforcement officer dies in the line of duty, they're remembered in a very special way in Blair County. This year Trooper Landon Weaver will be the one memorialized. His name how been etched in stone on the Blair County Law Enforcement Memorial in Hollidaysburg. This ceremony started a few minutes ago. I am talking softly so I don't interrupt the national anthem. They have the bleachers along Allegheny Street full and all the police departments, law enforcement in the county are here to support Trooper Landon Weaver. This is a program organized by Blair County Law Enforcement Foundation. They have been around since 1996. It was dedicated to fallen officers in 1999. This wall has two panels. One lists those who died serving and the other one lists officers who died somewhere else. Trooper Weaver grew up around here, went to IUP and became a State Trooper. Unfortunately he was killed in December in the line of duty in Huntingdon County. The foundation does this annually but this year is different for the people of Blair Co. because of Trooper Landon Weaver. "There were a few here but not like this. This was an active officer, a young man, very recent out of the community from school and athletic events and things like that. He has a lot of connections that he brought with it for his loss that was very tragic and hit home to a lot of people." This foundation is run soley by donations so if you would like to donate you can head to bcleomf.org