Greek Life
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A letter was posted on the Penn State University's web site updating his progress on the Greek Life makeover. Barron said he has received over 1,000 e-mails and letters with suggestions. He said the board of trustees has approved 15 action items including five considered critical. Those are, University control over punishment for serious violations. Deferred rush, zero tolerance for hazing involving alcohol, physical or mental abuse. Reductions in the number and size of social events and the creation of an independent group to monitor Greek life. Barron goes on to explain that the Greek life response team is not a task force designed to create ideas but rather a group designed to implement the changes desired by the board. He says they will then have a partner group made up of students, faculty and alumni whose job it is to review and react to the implementation plans. He said how important the Greek community is on campus but, quote, "Until fundamental change is achieved within the Greek letter community, the risk on relying on self governance among the organizations are too great. The University must exercise a heavier hand in the oversight of the organizations and activities not because there is a desire to take responsibility from students but because it must do so in the interest of their well being, at least for now".