Portage Arrest
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A Portage man is behind bars Today after police say he chased down a garbage truck, threatened another man with what appeared to be a gun. "Honestly it scared me. My mom came in the room and was, like, there is something going on outside." "At 9:00 I received a call, a man chasing down another man down or Orchard Street." An unusual scene in what neighbors say is typically a quiet neighborhood. Waking up to who police identified as Nicholas Nagle chasing a garbage truck worker down the street with an apparent gun in his hand. "The guy fell on foot, fell down a set of steps and laying there." "The guy pointed what the victim felt was a genuine handgun at him, pointing it at his head threatening to blow his head off." Nagle then called for a friend to come pick him up. "We got a description and name of the individual." Portage police say an assisting police department found Nagle hiding in the back of a car near the American Legion on Lee Street. Multiple neighboring police departments were called in for backup and arrested Nagle and took him into custody. "Did you arrest him? Can you say why?" "It was a relationship between the two. The victim is the father of an ex-girlfriend of the suspect." "Very unusual, I mean everyone knows everyone, it's not common for something like this to happen here."