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Scott Sewell was in church in Essex, Maryland, when he heard the news His friend and neighbor, Daniel Sufczynski, had been killed in rural Pennsylvania. "We got the congregation to pray, Sewell told us over the phone. "It just floored us because he was such a great guy." Authorities say Sufczynski was killed at a cabin he owned in Southampton Township, which he was visiting for the weekend. As of Monday evening, Pennsylvania State Police had not responded to repeated requests for comment , but Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins said there was "No threat to public safety in the area," although he didn't elaborate on whether someone had been arrested. In Essex on Sunday, sorrow filled Sewell's church as the pastor asked if anybody had anything they wanted to pray about. "I raised my hand because I had just heard about it, and it was difficult for me to even say anything" "I was in shock. And the whole congregation just took a gasp when I said it. It was a very sad moment. My wife can't stop thinking about it." Sewell said Sufczynski and his wife loved and supported each other. "I mean, at 58 years old, I'm sure they were looking to spend some time up there in Pennsylvania," he said. "I know they loved that area up there." It still wasn't clear Monday evening how or why Sufczynski was shot, and the only details Higgins could provide about a suspect was his gender, male. For Sewell, a retired Maryland State Trooper, it is imperative that whoever is involved in this is caught. "I hope he's prosecuted to the full extent of the law," Sewell said. "Whoever would take away such a fine man at the prime of his life, just before he's going to retire and enjoy things."