Festival of the Arts
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The Central Pennsylvania Festival of Arts is now officially underway in downtown State College. Today is all about the kids. The event kicked off at 10:00 this morning and has been a full day of events designed just for the little ones. Take a look at some of this footage that we have from earlier today. This is the children and youth sidewalk sale. They featured special performances for the children, arts and crafts workshops and demonstrations. They were able to decorate hats and make jewelry and get their face painted and taste some of the delicious food from the vendors downtown. There is even a water park right in the middle of the street. The first day being dedicated to children has been a long standing tradition. There were hundreds of kids downtown to enjoy what today has to offer. We are here with Meg Malloy. I know that you just got here but how has kickoff and so far. "It has been great. All of the energy surrounding the festival has been wonderful. The artists are arriving and checking in and excited to launch their booths and get started showing their creativity. Today is just the beginning. Four days. There are events every evening all afternoon. There will be events scattered throughout the downtown area and there is even a book fest." It sounds like there is lot to offer for a range of people with a range of interests.