Court and Clerk Feud
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Strong words Tonight between two Clearfield County Judges and their Clerk of Courts. The Judges say the Clerk is causing problems by not getting paperwork filed in a timely manner. But they're firing back saying the public criticism is politically motivated. We spoke today and we are live from the courthouse. This is the letter sent to ABC 23 by both Judges, it states because of mismanagement by the Prothonotary, and Clerk of Courts Brian Spencer. There has been a 60 day backlog they sent letters about the difficulties in the office. Today who says yes, he has received those letters. And claims his office works hard to make corrections where need be. The letter also states backlog from the office is causing delays in receiving sentences, parole orders and other paperwork at the Clearfield County jail. The Judges claim this is causing the transfer of prisoners to state prison to be delayed and wasting taxpayer money on an overcrowd jail. Spencer says his office does the job by processing the paperwork. He reached out to see what exactly is the problem. "I'm quite certain that all these allegations are just that, allegations. My office, there's empirical data that shows that we work at the same standards that were laid out before the administrations before us. So we do the exact same thing, so it's quite, I'm quite certain these are all politically motivating comments. I'm quite certain that it's just to derail my re-election campaign." The letter also states the judges will now be issuing administrative orders setting deadlines on the important paperwork. Spencer says he was elected to work for Clearfield County and that's what he intends to continue to do.