Jerry Sandusky
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New information on Jerry Sandusky's latest bid for a new trial. His attorneys say they're fighting a Goliath blaming government prosecutors and a strong public perception for why no court would ever reverse his conviction. Those claims are among the arguments included in a new appeal request that's more than 250 pages long. In his new post hearing briefs they sum up all the arguments that were raised in a series of appeal hearings plus others. There's the familiar claim that Sandusky's original legal team didn't have enough time to prepare or as he puts it it happened at warp speed. It also raises questions about Grand Jury leaks that he feels weren't properly investigated by the Attorney General's office. In closing he compares the Sandusky case to the 2008 financial collapse. Acknowledges that the odds are against them in trying to reverse the previous court decisions that have upheld the conviction more than 40 criminal counts. "We realize that there's a very strong inertia in favor of maintaining convictions. We believe that the evidence of that should result in new trial is overwhelming. There are a lot of problems. As we said we think this trial was a mess." The presiding judge for the post conviction relief act phase said he expects to make a decision on whether Sandusky will be getting a new trial by sometime this Fall.