Toll Bros.
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A grassroots organization pushing to change the site of a large-scale student housing project met this morning with the developer. The protesters say it was a good meeting for all parties involved. Members of the Nittany Valley Water Coalition outside of Penn State's administration building met to discuss a land swap. The coalition pushing for the housing project developer the Toll Bros. To consider another piece of property to build on. A meeting with the representative was productive. "It was very difficult to predict how it would all go. Coming out of this, I think it is better than we expected. I think he was very favorable to our discussions. He was really listening to us, and really interested in some of the sites we presented." Penn state on seven other properties being suggested as as alternative to housing development. The coalition has staged a camping protest claiming the new housing project could adversely impact nearby water wells. "There is no way I would be standing outside old main with the water coalition if not the case of thousands of people were now behind us. We have raised over $40,000. We have been on the site for 62 days now. We received car horn beeps as individuals passed by the site." The coalition will now wait an evaluation to be done by the Toll Bros. About the other possible building sites.