Train Derailment
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We continue with our coverage out of Bedford where 32 train cars went off the tracks early Wednesday morning causing an entire town to evacuate. Today, hundreds of residents in Hyndman are not able to return home. That's according to CSX officials. The propane fire itself that had been burning over 48 hours was extinguished early this morning. We are at the outreach center where people have been coming to gather information on where to stay the night and what's happening on the site. We just got an update that CSX will give us an update which seems to be starting now. We'll get you that information as soon as possible. As of now state police and CSX say they're not letting anybody back in. There have been rumors that neighbors and families have been going back to their homes. But that's not true. State Police say safety is still very much a priority and people are still at very high risk. Some families are saying that they're giving their keys to cxs to get belongings but other families say they're not comfortable giving their keys to strangers. Some people still don't know where to spend the night. I talked to a family that said they didn't know where they would spend the night but the red cross is working on getting hotel rooms for people. "They threw us out at 11:00. It's 100 degrees outside and I am stuck with three kids. We can't run around in a hot car because the gun bash is coming to town. They already knew that was coming to town. They shouldn't have put us in the room. Now we're homeless. Luckily we found a room in Frostburg and we are headed there until 11:00 tomorrow, so tomorrow if we cant get back home, we will be in the same situation."