Internet Issues
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Huston Township property owners are speaking out about internet issues effecting every household and business in the area. Residents presented their petition to the Township Board last night. The people of Julian say they have had enough. Most of their providers are Comcast and Verizon and for months they have been getting weak and spotty internet and roundabout answers as to why. Julian may be a small town but they don't think that is an excuse for poor service. Their Internet bills stayed the same but the Internet connection through town has plummeted. For businesses like second chance auto it started around March. Despite calls to Verizon, nobody can seem to fix it even though in State College internet is working just fine. During a meeting, neighbors discussed taking a petition to state representatives who told us they have already been looking into the divide. The FCC has already offered Verizon millions of dollars to expand their broadband but they turned it down since it would cost too much.