New State Law
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The start of school is just weeks away, and Tonight State officials are reminding parents to get their children Immunized. A new law takes effect this year that require all students from kindergarten, and seventh and 12th grade to be updated on their vaccines or risk exclusion. We talked to local officials about the change. Parents only now have five days after the first day of school to get their child vaccinated. This in hopes to keep kids healthy in school and prevent any outbreaks. "I think it is something that needs to be done for the safety of everybody". New public code school revisions for the 2017-2018 school year. Requiring students to be up to date on their vaccinations. "It is just making sure that kids are always in school and safe, and they are free from any childhood diseases that we can prevent that could turn tragic." Diseases doctors say have been avoided because of vaccines, and now a new law is changing th provisional period. Now parents have a much shorter grace period when it comes to getting children vaccinated. New regulation say you have five days compared to eight months once the school year begins. Mallory Allen's son is heading to kindergarten this year, and she says the new regulation will give her peace of mind. "It has always been a worry for me knowing that my kids could be exposed to illnesses that they should not have to be." For those who do not get Immunized before the school year starts, officials say worse case scenario, they could be excluded. "In situations, we will work with the family doctor in making sure that we get a plan for students so they don't have to be excluded from school." Doctors remind that it is important to get vaccinated to limit exposure to deadly outbreaks. "Vaccines have been one of the best medical advances we have had. The majority of patients know this is the right thing to protect kids from these illnesses." For more information you can call your local doctor or school district.