Train Derailment Update
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Exactly one week ago today a train crash and a ball of fire woke up residents in Hyndman Bedford County. Nearly the entire town was evacuated and some are still unable to get home. We were there today speaking with those who have returned. I am standing on Rt.96, and this heads down into Hyndman. As you can see, the road is open. Residents are allowed to go back in. But that was not the case a week ago when we stood in this very spot. People say they are working to get back into their normal routines after the evacuation order was reduced this past week. Local stores and restaurants have had to play catch-up after losing days of business. Residents are now still in and out of the CSX outreach center. Today people have been meeting with CSX reps to go over claims and damages. But 30 people are still not allowed home, houses close to the crash site and there is no word on when they will be allowed back. Even the people who are back home, they say this disaster will stick with them for much longer. "From what I can tell, everyone is still stressed out. It scared them a lot." The CSX reps will be available from 8 AM until 6 PM at the outreach center on market street, every day until Friday.