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"Here was a young man who started out that night coming with full expectations of reaching something called brotherhood. By the early morning hours, the video tape that we saw today in the 7:00 hour showed him in a terrible condition, he clearly" No decisions yet as a fourth day of preliminary hearings has students facing charges tied to the death of Timothy Piazza. We learned several new details about the case including the allegations that one of the fraternity brothers erased security video the night Timothy fell down the stairs. Another contentious day at the courthouse. One of the major developments of the case. News that surveillance video from camera inside the fraternity where Timothy Piazza died. That surveillance video was purposely deleted. "They're investigating what they believe there were workable cameras in the basement and that they potentially were deleted and that's quite different than what we originally thought. That is now a very pointed part of the investigation and you heard that from the detective on the stand. That was a new fact Today." If this preliminary hearing wraps up, it's a huge job for the Presiding Judge today. That's for District Magistrate Alan Sinclair to determine what, if any, of the criminal charges could be dismissed. Penn State issued a statement on the status of the hearing today. They placed a graduation hold any students named in the presentation and that is still in place. They won't prove any other details but they say, " While we understand and have sympathy for those who desire immediate action, it's important to follow proper processes to ensure the integrity of any investigative work and conclusions, but we note there is no part of this tragedy that is not under investigation."