Piazza Trial Update
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"Listen, I know why people have a problem with it. Living in a house where kids are committing crimes. That stinks. But you have to be a participant in some fashion in a crime to be charged. And at this point, he was not there participating that night." Center County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller addressing questions about head Penn State football trainer Tim Breem. He faces his own contempt of court hearing later this month. Tied to the investigation of Penn State fraternity pledge, Timothy Piazza. A preliminary hearing took an unexpected twist when accusations were made that Breem has been ducking efforts to get him into court. His name surfaced early on in this investigation involving Timothy Piazza. He lived in the Beta Theta Phi fraternity house where the party was held. In the field of athletics, Tim Breem, well respected. "I'm very proud of what we're doing here at Penn State with Tim Breem and our doctors and the research that are going on that we're doing on our own." But in the Timothy Piazza hazing case, he lived at the Beta Theta Phi house and was reportedly there when a hazing event led to Piazza's death. A well qualified man, Chief of Athletic Training, was Tim Breem's title. He was in that house. He had lived in that house for quite a while. He could not possibly not have known what was going on in that house. Defense attorneys claim Breem had a role in planning fraternity events. He told some brothers to erase cell phone material after Piazza's death. "There's no basis for charging Tim Breem or we would have charged him. That's a defense attorney trick to say you know what, I think they missed the culpability with so and so. If you have evidence about what he did, bring it on." Retired state police trooper testifying about repeated failed attempts since June to serve a subpoena on Breem. Saying he was playing a cat and mouse game by hiding out in the football headquarters. One Penn State trustee traveled to hear those allegations. "I was surprised to hear what we did. I'm very curious as to why the lawyers have had so much difficulty serving the subpoena on the University employee. So I guess that remains to be seen, whether or not the Judge's order now will have the impact that he intends. Which is to require Mr. Breem's attendance here."