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The last of the evacuated families. About 40 in all are finally headed home. The whole town of Hyndamn was evacuated last week after a massive train derailment and fire destroying at least one home. Most residents have been home now for a few days. But for those closest to the crash site, this will be their first night back in their own beds. These signs are coming down Tonight as families come back into town after a week of hotel hopping and uncertainty. Those families got the call this Morning that CSX will allow them back in at 5:00 Tonight. They haven't been home since a loud crash and a massive fire woke them up at almost 5:00 a.m. Last Wednesday. CSX had these families stay in hotels in many parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland. And some families say they're nervous about what the crash and fires left behind. But relieved to get back to normal life Tonight. One of those families says the last couple days, their hotel in Maryland hasn't even had running water. Just adding to this past week's stress.