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Last week, Jayne Korenoski and Lisa Rager at the Johnstown Convention and Visitors Bureau were hoping they would get enough donations for Texas to fill a truck or two. By Thursday evening, they had packed six trucks full of supplies. Then, to their surprise, more donations came, and they scrambled to get a seventh truck and driver ready to head to Houston. "I'm not surprised I'm overwhelmed by the support. But I'm not surprised." A lot of people aren't surprised by how much people in the Johnstown area are reaching out to help people in the Houston area. People here know what it's like to lose everything when the floodwaters rise. Because of that, lots of people stepped up to donate. The supplies are headed to two different churches in the Houston area, where they'll then be dispersed to people in desperate need in the area. Linda Walker, who works with Adventist Community Services in Texas, is helping to coordinate the donations coming from Johnstown, as well as many other places. The drivers are set to arrive in Texas on Saturday night and be ready to deliver supplies on Sunday morning.