PSU Professor
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A former Penn State professor is suing the university over claims of retaliation and gender discrimination. According to lawsuit filed Sept. 5th in federal court Donna Dunmire an assistant professor of dance from 2014 through June of 2017 said the university didn't renew her contract because she complained to her superiors about physical assessments being performed on students in the musical theater program. According to Dunmire she first voiced concerns in Sept. 2014 to the department's supervisors over the assessments, which she said made the students feel uncomfortable. According to the suit, Dunmire said her work environment became hostile and she was not allowed to choreograph an upcoming dance show. In August 2015, Dunmire once again voiced her concerns about the assessments after she said female students who were considered to be overweight were told to strip down to their sports bras and fitted shorts to be photographed for the assessment. The suit claims that in May 2016 Dunmire was informed that her contract would not be renewed after her June 30, 2017 expiration date despite having a very good rating. Dunmire claims that she was a victim of retaliation and is seeking a jury trial. Dunmire also alleged that male counterparts were treated more favorably. Penn State University spokeswoman Lisa Powers said the university does not comment on pending litigation.